Getting People to Believe in Themselves

The best leaders are those who get people to believe in themselves.


When people believe in themselves and, in what you, as an organisation, are all about, they have a reason to commit to something significant and meaningful … and give the best they’ve got .. day in, day out.


When people feel inspired by their leader, and the direction and journey they’re inviting people to come on, leadership is at its best.

When people are made to feel important, when they know they matter and they have a vital role to play, they bring their best to all they need to accomplish. Being inspired drives being motivated … and being “unstoppable”!


When people understand the direction of the vision, leadership is at its prime. 

Poor leaders assume people know where they are heading and why they are headed there.  Great leaders know that once they keep refocusing people on the “where” and “why” they can leverage their talent to achieve great results.  Direction, ownership and accountability foster real purpose and improved performance.


When people feel safe to learn from making mistakes, leadership is supportive.

While success relies on innovation and creativity, it also takes many mistakes to succeed.  When people feel safe to fail, you have done your job in preparing them to meet challenges and letting them know they will go unscathed when they make mistakes.  A “safety net” promotes security in terms of a culture of “this is how we learn – and grow”.


When people experience trust in their own ability, leadership is at its peak.

Those you entrust feel important and empowered. Trust encourages people to bring talent and knowledge and become part of the team. Trust leads to confidence … and brilliant team spirit … and significant performance improvements.


When people know they can contribute in a meaningful way, leadership is optimal.

It is important for people to know that they have a genuine contribution to make, that what they do is instrumental in achieving significant results.  Meaning creates justification and great improvements in results.


Give your people a reason to believe in themselves and watch them create something meaningful and significant.


When you believe in people you get people to believe in themselves. And, when that happens, you can achieve great things together.


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