Is yours a positive and dynamic work environment (or is it something else)?

Many organisations struggle to make the necessary positive adjustments to keep ahead of the changes we have to deal with in order to achieve the stretching growth ambitions.

Leaders and managers are getting increasingly frustrated when new processes or systems are introduced which then fail to make the anticipated improvements in performance or results (in fact the vast majority of new processes or systems fail to achieve their stated improvements).

Our research shows the biggest barrier to creating positive cultures that make new initiatives work is that people get stuck in the belief that the work environment will only ever be the way it is today and they say; “Things will never change round here”, or “We never see things through,” or “There’ll be something new introduced next month, which will fall by the wayside like everything else does” etc.

Yet, through all our lives, individuals grow, develop new skills and different hobbies and interests. Organisations fail to unlock in their people how change-ready, resourceful, flexible and utterly brilliant they can be.

People change when their company culture supports and encourages continued growth and, when the pursuit of excellence is directly linked to their interests (community, family, customer delight, team working, etc), as well as those of the company, remarkable improvements always happen.

One of the biggest reasons positive culture change doesn’t happen is because leaders and managers usually communicate to win hearts and minds by appealing to intellect not interest! (i.e. on what makes people tick!)

As you’ll know yourself, people will move heaven and earth to willingly and enthusiastically contribute to something in which they have a deep and passionate interest.

When people’s hearts and minds are won, all the other bits follow as well as hands, hearts, back etc … This is when the work environment and culture become positive, vibrant and unstoppable. Results go through the roof. The team spirit becomes electric.

All too often organisations want their employees to just do their jobs well and not truly connect them to and with the work environment or company culture. How can ‘jobs well done’ happen if they’re not really bought into the direction, the vision and how important and valuable they are to helping making it all happen?

Successfully changing culture is specialist work … and yet it’s so important to master because it has been proved to produce the biggest and most sustainable performance transformations in businesses of all sizes … in all sectors.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our current customers said about the programme we started with them during the pandemic:-

“More companies should get on board with positive culture change. Not only does it improve the workplace but also the  productivity from individuals increases”.
EM, Customer Services Specialist, Verplas Limited

“Congratulations Team Sewells! What you do is life changing for the organisation, the team, the results and all team members, what’s not to like? Unfortunately, consultants are like bankers, estate agents and double-glazing salesman, some bad apples but do not paint all with the same brush. Having worked with Sewells in global blue-chip companies and several little private limited companies, all achieving fantastic improvements, why not try them? I have used Sewells for many years with great success, if you want to see what Sewells can do please call me on 07857246675 or visit my factory. Not all consultants are the same.”
DG, MD, Verplas Limited


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