How to spot the early signs that you have a business culture that’s not helping you to achieve or exceed your objectives for the year

Welcome back and we hope that 2022 will be all you want and need it to be!

In the month of January, we’ll be sharing with you some priceless insights into the importance and positive impact one of our specialisms – the “Creating Positive Cultures” one – can have on maximising performance, team spirit, employee and customer loyalty and results in organisations like yours.

“Some of the progress we made we could measure – £66m turnaround on the bottom line, 3 star customer satisfaction rating, engagement up from 67% to 82% – but the culture change improvement we could FEEL! And it’s that that has made the difference in transforming the business.  It’s the best thing I’ve done in my 30 years here.” Managing Director

The reality is that once the business model is proven to work, the culture in your business has been shown to be the most accurate predictor of it producing sustainable and optimal performance and results.

There are tell-tale signs that the culture is probably not helping as much as it could and urgently needs changing to avoid the business running into trouble not too far down the track.

Apart from the obvious ones like:-

  • A ruck of good people leaving
  • When rules around compliance rule the business, not the leaders (who are the compliance “police”, not the “gaining commitment and inspiring brilliant performance champions”)
  • When loyal customers begin to leave/look elsewhere


There other early signs of a non-helpful culture – download them here!

If you recognise any of these signs, your organisation, or the leaders in it, may need some help.

Be warned … leaders can be hard to change … and non-helpful cultures in organisations can be even harder to change … especially if you choose the wrong provider to partner with you to guide you successfully through the culture change transition.

However, failure to address it will lead to BIG trouble ahead – as sure as night follows day!

If this has piqued your interest in considering the sustainable business improvement that only embedding a positive and unstoppable culture can bring into your organisation (which could include your working from home, hybrid and office culture), you need to talk to us at Sewells, the UK’s leading culture change specialists now!

This is what one of our customer said about the work we did with them and the results achieved:

“You asked me, “What is the culture like here?” I said, “It’s great, why would you ask me that?” You asked, “Who do you know?”  The truth was, I didn’t know – it was a defining moment in my career.  We grew our profits from £8.1m to £65.2m in the next seven years!”

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