How to acquire new customers and smash your sales and profit targets

Do you find that your salespeople tell you that your prospects are only focused on the price of your products and services and they’re often under pressure to give them discounts?

They’ve told you that they’ve explained to your prospects in so much detail about all the great value they will receive but they just don’t seem to get it. But you know that if only your salespeople could get your prospects to see the real value in your products and services then price would not be such an issue.

Here are four basic ingredients of the Sewells world-renowned Dialogue Selling Process (DSP) that, when learned and applied, will guarantee that your prospects will see the value in your products and services so that price is much less of an issue.

These four ingredients are common-sense and obvious once you know them, but in selling what is common-sense and obvious is rarely executed brilliantly. Our DSP programmes are world-renowned because of the execution – and the performance breakthroughs they always produce!

These are even more important in the current “pandemic” world, by the way!


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