How to be a great manager and a terrific leader

The staggering business improvements we, at Sewells, always help our clients to produce is mainly due to our ability to transition capable managers into brilliant leaders.

There is a big difference between management and leadership.

However, to be highly effective in driving positive change in any organisation is not a case of replacing good management with great leadership.

The two disciplines are complementary.

Good management needs to be a launch pad for developing brilliant leadership skills.

In practice these days, there is a lot of overlap – for instance, while traditionally managers assign people tasks, they need to be linked to a purpose or vision to ignite their passion, which is usually a leadership skill.

Again, managers organise work to maximise efficiency and this needs to be linked to nurturing skills, developing talent and inspiring sustainable improvements in results, which again is a leadership skill.

How management skills can, and should, be the launch-pad developing brilliant leadership mastery

If you want your team to “transition successfully” from being managers to being brilliant, inspirational leaders look no further than the help Sewells, the leading UK business improvement specialists, can give!

Here are the improvements just some of our clients have recently enjoyed:

  • A client in the financial services sector experienced a massive improvement in profits from £8.1m to £65.2m in a seven year time-scale, after the 2008 financial crisis
  • Another client in the manufacturing sector generated 7300 new ideas from 1200 staff in 30 months, which contributed to a £66m turnaround on bottom-line, following our culture change based organisational improvement programme
  • A third, this time in the automotive industry, saw a rise in customer satisfaction – from a bottom 10% position to top 3 … achieved in only 12 months

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