Do you want a simple solution to the significant business challenges you need to fix in 2021 …?

In your organisation, how closely (if at all) are your teams’ beliefs aligned?  

When management believes certain things, and their teams believe something else then there is an issue. For example:

  • Management believes the new direction will energise and motivate the team … their teams believe there was nothing wrong with the old direction
  • Management believes the new strategies will kick start a sustainable growth track … their teams don’t
  • Management believes everyone is aligned and fully engaged on the customer-centric culture change journey … their teams believe it’s a load of “happy hogwash”

What holds organisations back is not that people believe, but they believe in the wrong things! 

What do you think your teams have been believing in for the last 12 months??

“Will I still have a job?”
“I don’t trust anyone.”
“Everyone is working in silos.”
“No-one picks up the phone to check I’m OK,” etc..

And, what makes this worse, is that people don’t like being proven wrong … so changing these misbeliefs is a specialised, and priceless, skill.

Your people believe in lots of things … but are they the right things to enable them to play their full part in driving significant improvements in your business?

If the performance and results are not what you want and need them to be … the answer to that critical question is a categorical NO!

So, what is the solution to all the significant business challenges you need to fix in 2021 and beyond…. ? The solution is simple … not easy …

Change your people’s beliefs! 

We, at Sewells, can … uniquely … help you do just that.

Simply invite us to undertake a TEAM ASSESSMENT. Let us interview up to 12 people of your choice, at a senior level in the organisation, on a structured yet strictly private and confidential basis.

Once analysed, the results of these interviews will provide you with priceless insights into what exactly has been holding back your growth and improvement plans.

Whilst we can’t offer this for free, whatever the investment, can you afford NOT to know what your team believes and how they’re feeling right now?

We have vast experience in helping leaders beat these challenges and our tried and tested approach is guaranteed to produce dramatic business improvements results. Just look at some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry they reduced ‘defects’ by 84.6% within 12 months
  • Another organisation in the engineering industry had increased profits by £2 million … after breaking even in previous years
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them drive performance and achieve their stretching 5 year growth plan in less than 2 years


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