Companies don’t provide customer service … people do!

There is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the attitude of the people who provide it (whether on the ‘phone, virtually or finally back to face to face) – and the culture of the organisation within which they work.

10 times out of 10, if the attitude and mindset of your team are wrong, your targets and objectives will not be reached or exceeded.

I wonder why that is???? Hmmm!



Sewells’ approach isn’t about jazzing up your website, shop front or criticising your staff. It is much more refined, sophisticated and highly effective than that. It’s about capturing the hearts and minds of your people, so they live and breathe the purpose, mission, vision and values (MVV) of your organisation. Your strategies will probably be ok … it’s the execution that will be woefully lacking.

We worked with an organisation in the Finance Sector and the objective of the programme was to equip the Directors, Managers and Teams with the knowledge, tools, team building and leadership skills to change the culture through a proper MVV programme and increase sales, customer retention and drive continuous and profitable growth. Below are just some of the results achieved: –


  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – Increase from 75% to 92% in 12 months
  • STAFF TURNOVER – Reduced by 46% from previous year – saved us over £3 million
  • GROSS MARGIN – Improved by over 55% from previous year on revenue increase of 37%


If you would like to understand more about how your team is feeling right now, then why not ask us about our Team Assessments and what you can learn from them to improve any and all aspects of your business.

It could be the starting point you need to turn 2021 into your best year ever (Yes, even after all we’ve been through) and your team to be the happiest, most trusting, positive and winning team you’ve ever had!

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