Culture change is hard … lasting culture change is really hard

Almost everyone we speak to these days understands that changing a company’s culture will improve performance and transform results more significantly (and quickly) than almost any other form of action.

Many companies therefore attempt to change their culture … but most fail (81% according to one recent study). Given the undeniable fact that building a better culture will make any business stronger for years to come … this is a worrying statistic. So why such a high failure rate?

Top Five Reasons why Culture Change Fails


How Sewells will help

The improvements in performance and results which our clients always experience, having followed the principles behind our culture change based business improvement programmes, are breath-taking; here are just some examples …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry, they saw their productivity increase by 158% in 18 months
  • Another organisation, this time in the engineering industry, increased profits by £1.2M … after breaking even in previous years
  • After working with an organisation in financial services their turnover increased from £148M to £352M over a two-year period


This could be you this time next year … if you want to create lasting culture change in your organisation, please give us a call – we’re here to help (and you’ll be awfully glad you did!)

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