Budgeting (and Planning) for Success Pt.2

Is responsibility for next year’s company’s budget weighing heavily on you?

You may be focusing on sales forecasts, new product developments, growing market share strategies and initiatives for streamlining processes, but have you thought about the key element needed to deliver explosive growth for years to come? (which is … your people!)

The truth is that objectives won’t be met, never mind exceeded, if you fail to budget for the “key ingredient”: how to win the hearts and minds of everyone in your organisation in a way that ignites their passion to your direction and strategies to willingly give the discretionary effort required.

These discretionary and improved behaviours, and the performance linked to them, are driven by people’s attitudes, mind-sets and BELIEFS. In other words, do your people believe (and we mean really believe), that the objectives are achievable?

Our research suggests most employees don’t believe. They simply “go through the motions” and end up falling well short!

So answer this question honestly please:

Do your people believe (think and feel) the organisation’s objectives are achievable?

If so, the foundations for achieving, or exceeding them, are already in place!  If they don’t think or feel they’re achievable … you’re doomed before you start!

So, how much of your budget is focused on providing your people with the right attitudes, mind-sets and beliefs, rather than new initiatives, processes, products, or incentives?

We’ll almost guarantee, it’s not enough!

Our unique approach to providing organisations, like yours, with the missing “key ingredient” has produced explosive business improvements …

  • An organisation in the telecommunications industry saw their market share increase by 13%
  • Another organisation we worked with saw their sales increase by 54%
  • Also, following our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry they saw their profits increase, since 2012, to £66 million


Thousands will tell you, they can deliver change and transformation. But how many have the track record to prove it? Very few.

If you’re looking for similar performance transformations, you’ll need specialists to help you get there … arrange a free business transformation strategy session with us … all you have to do is click here or call 01244 681068 and we’ll put a firm date in the diary.

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