You may think you’re prepared … but you’d better be ready

With much of the conversation this last week or so being about when and how the lockdown restrictions will be eased, our focus as business leaders should be on turning resilience into a strong recovery (and eventually renewal).

Recent conversations with leaders who’ve had people returning to work have shone a light on something important. It looks like the organisations, departments and teams which will succeed in creating a strong and sustainable recovery are the ones who are both a) prepared and b) ready.

Being prepared and being ready are NOT the same – and it’s important we understand the differences in order to maximise the opportunities, and minimise the risks, in recovery.

In short, “preparedness” is a measured, thought out and deliberate process of considering likely situations and coming up with various contingencies and options on “what to do if ….”.

There is a flaw in this because it is impossible to come up with every possible eventuality – or every possible option.

Also many people use preparation as a form of avoidance (i.e. we just need a few more pieces of information and then we’ll be ready!) No, you won’t be ready!

Preparedness is on a spectrum of relativity – however prepared you think you are, you can never be fully prepared for everything. Readiness, however, is absolute. You’re either ready or you’re not.

“Ready” is preparedness with a mindset and attitude attached – a mindset and attitude of being wiling to do whatever the situation facing us demands. And doing it with enthusiasm, energy, heart, grit, determination, agility, nimbleness and a “never say die” and “bring it on” approach.

Nothing will ever go the exact way you planned, but with the right attitude you’ll be able to be flexible, agile, nimble and strong enough to get the outcome and result you’re looking for.

As with athletes in a race, be ready to go at B of the bang of the gun. Be more than prepared. Be ready.

Why not grade yourself on your preparedness vs readiness? Just click on the image below and if we can help you, please let us know.


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