What is your business environment really like?

One of our team’s mentors W. Clement Stone, co-authored a book called “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” with Dr Napoleon Hill.

He once told us, “You are product of your environment, so choose the environment that will best develop you towards your objective. Analyse your life in terms of your environment. Are the things around you helping you towards your success – or are they holding you back?”

He went on to say, “Examine everything, after all it’s not usually the mountain that defeats the climber – it’s the grain of sand in the sock!”

This is so true – and as we’ve dedicated our business to transforming performance in individuals, teams, departments and entire organisations – we’ve come to realise how key the environment is.

It’s not so much the physical environment … the psychological one is the key to improving performance and results.

So what kind of psychological environment is the leadership team creating day in, day out?

What kind of ‘chatter’ do business leaders allow to take up residence in their people’s heads?

Is it positive, constructive, upbeat, unstoppable?

Or negative, destructive talk such as, “I’m useless!”, “We’ll never hit those targets!”, or “Here’s another idea from Head Office that’ll never work!”?

Leaders will often say – “Everything’s fine!” – but because we really listen to people … we know a lot of the time, everything is far from fine.

You can’t create sustainable improvements in a business if the environment is in any way less than positive – let alone negative – unless you want to do everything yourself!

So what is your business environment really like?

Sewells recognises the importance of listening to everyone in an organisation, only after talking to people at all levels can you be sure that “Everything’s fine!”.

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