What is the cost of team dysfunction?

Every workplace team has some degree of dysfunction.

But the dysfunctions in any team, in any form and to any degree – whether it’s having a blame culture, a lack of trust, or paying lip service to landing the new changes that will improve performance – come at a cost.

At its best, it could be keeping organisations from exceeding their objectives, achieving sustainable growth, building a positive team spirit, genuine customer centricity and operational excellence.

At its worst, it can bring down an entire organisation.

The first step is recognising that there is a problem … or, more usually, that there a quite a few.


Click here for the Ten Most Common Forms of Dysfunction of a Team

But there are many more!  How many can you see you your teams?


The latest estimate of the cost to an organisation for these dysfunctions is a minimum of 34% of the total payroll!

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Not only will the bottom line swell significantly, the workplace environment will become a terrific place to be. So, when we say that that a meeting with Sewells would be the most powerful and profitable 90 minutes you’ve had in years we really mean it!

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