The “TOSITA” Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 5th March

Following on from our TOSITA (The Other Shot In The Arm) video on Monday – the focus was on learning how to control our thinking.

It’s particularly tough to do this at the moment with all the challenges we face and negativity that abounds.  However, it’s more important than ever to master this now so we can all get through this crisis and come out of it stronger.

Every thought we think is contributing to the ultimate result of our life – yes! – that’s how powerful thoughts are!

And, if most people understood the real power of thoughts … they’d never allow themselves another single negative thought as long as they lived!

This is not some new discovery in psychology – this has been known since ancient times.  Every spiritual work ever written tells us how important positive thinking is …


“You reap what you sow”

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”


You don’t get it any clearer or simpler than this!  “What you thinketh is what you iseth”, it’s not quite as eloquent as Proverbs, but you can’t misunderstand the message here …

If you want to change the way any aspect of your life “iseth”, you need to change the way you “thinketh” 


Take control of your thinking – and you take control of everything that eventually shows up in your life.

Watch our video on Monday next for an explanation of how and why this works.

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