The strength of your teams

The strength of your teams will determine the size and speed of your recovery … be under no illusions about how true that is.

And it all starts at the top with your Senior Leadership Team and then it percolates and saturates every other team in your organisation.

The current reality is that most so called Senior Leadership Teams are no more than a group of talented individuals – and they’re miles away from being a positive, united and powerfully effective team.

Everyone we speak to wants to be part of a great team, but very few know what to do to become one.

We, at Sewells, have discovered and developed proven principles and practices that make great teams great – and we can transform almost any group of talented individuals into a great team in double-quick time.

By letting us help you, you will maximise your BOUNCEBACKABILITY from the negative effects of Covid-19 – lockdowns and all.

Hugely impactful and brilliant teams are not based on false / fake positivity. There’s no place for own agendas, office politics, cliques or bitter rivalries. They’re based on genuine unity behind a purpose, real optimism and a commitment to do something amazing and incredible together to get the organisation, the people and the customers through these tough times and out the other end.

How does your Senior Leadership Team stack up?

If you think it’s “OK” with some room for improvement you could just plod on and, in reality, nothing much will change or improve.

Or, you could invite Sewells to conduct a team assessment (virtually) and highlight the strengths (of which there’ll be many) and the areas for improvement (there’ll be a few of them too no doubt!). You’ll also get insightful feedback and recommendations on how to create a high performing team able to exceed all your performance objectives.

Our determination to help as many businesses as possible get off to a flying start in 2021 is only matched by our generosity, so we’re offering a team assessment as a prize draw to the first three companies drawn out of a hat after Christmas. There will be some eligibility terms and conditions which are detailed on the entry form.

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