The Leader’s No.1 job

Being a leader in any business doesn’t make you one! The leadership role in businesses has changed in recent years. Delivering on the KPIs is a given, as is delighting customers, etc … making sure processes and systems run smoothly is also a key skill.

However, the leader’s No.1 job these days is not usually found in their tool kit … yet it is so simple to do it brilliantly in practice …  and it’s massively and positively impactful.

When it’s applied well, significant improvements in business performance, results and team spirit always occur – always!

Steve Jobs once said: “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work”. How true!

So, the leader’s No.1 job today is: “to communicate a purpose to their team that helps them get out of bed in a morning thinking and believing how lucky they are to be doing what they’re doing”.

Without giving people a purpose, and context, for what they do, there’s no reason for them to follow you!

Without igniting a passion in people to do what they do, and giving them the confidence to do it  –  you’re not a leader.

The kind of improvements we’ve helped businesses achieve when running our Leadership Programmes include:-

  • An organisation in the automotive industry had seen car sales up by 12 a month (because of changes made).
  • Another organisation in the financial service industry had seen sales increase by 35% over previous years
  • Finally, an organisation in the engineering industry had seen sales increase from £800,000 per month to £1,200,000 compared to previous year

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