The 5 basic talents of ‘brilliant’ managers

We’ve just concluded a meeting with a client we started work with last year … we ran a “How to be a Great Manager” programme for them.

Sales this year over last year are up more than 60%, and profits are up by over 110%.

The market hasn’t changed, the competitors are as ferocious as ever, the people in the business are the same … but the managers are now brilliant at motivating, inspiring and leading their teams.

Gallup has just produced empirical research to show why performance variations are so wide in organisations … and yes, it comes down to the quality of the managers and their day-to-day excellence in management techniques.

Most people have the talent to become great managers – but they never get shown how to be one in practice!

There are 5 basic talents great managers have …

  1. They know how to motivate every single employee to take appropriate action and totally engage them via a compelling purpose and vision.
  2. They know how to be assertive – without being aggressive – to drive outcomes and to overcome resistance and negativity.
  3. They know how to create a culture of accountability.
  4. They build professional relationships that generate trust, open dialogue with full transparency.
  5. They make decisions quickly and effectively based on the desired outcomes required … not politics or favouritism.

How do your managers measure up to these 5 abilities?

If you want them to become ‘ninja-level’ great managers, maybe our “How to be a Great Manager” programme can be tailor-made just for your business.

How would reporting a 60% turnover increase and a 110% profit increase go down within your senior leadership team meeting?

We all know the answer!!!

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Representing the beginning of our “How to be a Great Manager” programme, this 2-hour seminar will open your eyes to new ways of thinking and doing and help your managers develop and sharpen the 5 basic talents that drive management success.

Organisations just like yours have begun to transform results simply by letting us spend the morning with them:

“Now that the managers are being positive and supporting their people properly, the run rate on deals closed is nearly double that of previous years.”

Your business could be on the verge of something amazing … make it happen and enter our “Secrets of What Brilliant Managers Do” breakfast seminar draw today.

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