The signs your business culture is toxic … and needs fixing now!

The culture in your business, it turns out, is the most accurate predictor of it producing sustainable and optimal performance and results.

There are tell-tale signs that the culture is probably toxic and urgently needs changing to avoid the business running into trouble not too far down the track.

Apart from the obvious ones like:-

  • A ruck of good people leaving
  • When rules around compliance rule the business, not the leaders (who are the compliance “police”, not the “gaining commitment and inspiring” team)
  • When loyal customers begin to leave/look elsewhere

The early signs of a toxic culture are …

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If you recognise any of these signs, your organisation, or the leaders in it, may need some help.

Be forewarned … leaders are hard to change … and toxic cultures in organisations are even harder to change. However, failure to address it will lead to BIG trouble ahead – as sure as night follows day!

Let us, at Sewells, the world renowned culture change specialists, come and complete a cultural health check.

Register today and the first 3 people to reply will win a cultural health check worth over £11,000!

The package comprises of:

  • 3 days of strictly private and confidential one-on-one diagnostic interviews with key people, who you will choose
  • 2 days of analysis of the interviews – the results of your culture health check
  • 1 day of report writing to bring it all together … with a “fix it for good” action plan
  • A diagnostic feedback session with you (and whoever else you’d like to involve) to hear, examine and talk through the results – your ‘prognosis’ and bespoke ‘treatment plan’!

The results gathered will help guarantee your business will hit its targets … and much more!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by … If you’re serious about sustainable business improvement and embedding a positive culture into your organisation, you need to talk to the UK’s leading culture change specialists now!

Take a look at what we have helped businesses achieve:-

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry, they saw their profit grow to £66 million in 2015, after 4 years of flat lining
  • Another organisation in the automotive sector saw a 13.9% increase in sales in their first quarter and a further 21% increase on the YTD position
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the financial services industry, they saw profits up by 120% in 2016 over 2015.

Get in touch today!

Yours enthusiastically,

The Sewells Team


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