Sales “Superstars” … what makes them different?

If you’ve ever worked in a sales team or managed a team of salespeople, you’ll know that there are always one or two ‘superstars’… the ones who perform consistently ‘head and shoulders’ above the others. top sales volumes, top margins, top customer satisfaction and loyalty, top referrals, etc

So, what makes the difference?

It’s so simple … yet many Managers who are struggling to hit targets overlook it.

The top sales producers have a system. This system isn’t given to them. They usually have to work it out for themselves – through hard work … rejection, and a lot of painful trial and error.

When they’ve ‘cracked the system’, they keep their secrets under lock and key. Why would they want to give their secrets away and invite unnecessary competition?

In short, successful, productive salespeople say and do what unsuccessful salespeople are unwilling or unable to say and do!!

The good news is that over the 58 years of being in business, we’ve studied hundreds of thousands of salespeople – the successful and the unsuccessful ones!

We’ve observed thousands of ‘live’ sales interviews and we’ve documented the sales system that top producing salespeople adopt. This means the sales system is also RECESSION PROOF – it works and increases sales, even in the tough and uncertain times we are now having to face.

We’ve proved this sales system, which can be mastered by all your sales team; it ALWAYS increases sales, margins and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Profitable Growth Relationship-Based System

We’ve found that most salespeople use some of the elements of our world-class ‘Profitable Growth Relationship Based-Sales System’. The problem is they don’t apply the WHOLE system – therefore there’s no consistency in performance or results. That’s why so many Sales Directors and Managers are frustrated with poor and inconsistent sales results.

We found certain critical elements are: –

  1. actioned really well
  2. actioned really poorly
  3. not actioned at all


by individuals within the sales teams.

This means it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to drive profitable sales growth and customer satisfaction and loyalty, deliberately and … on purpose.

Our market-proven ‘Profitable Growth Relationship-Based Sales System’ is more than a sales process. It focuses on the really important element of ANY sales-based interaction, which is: what your salespeople say and do with prospects to turn them into customers … it’s about winning attitudes and behaviours, it’s about the relationships your team build with your customers. It’s about becoming respected as a ‘trusted adviser’ … rather than seen as a “smart a***d salesperson” by the customer!

If you’d like to find out what potential improvements in your sales and profits could be made (yes, in the current economic climate) then give us a call on 01244 681068 or email

Sales growth is not about the economy, the low number of prospects; it’s not about luck; it’s about having a PROVEN system that maximises your chance of a sale at EVERY step.

We’ve developed our market-proven Profitable Growth Relationship Based Sales System that, when applied effectively, CANNOT FAIL to increase sales and profits.

We want to share the secrets with you. As we’ve said, if you’re not sure you’ve got a consistent sales system and need a little more help to get this sorted out … then why not let us come and see how your sales process and techniques measure up against what it, and they, should be?

This exercise could be just what you’re looking for to recession-proof your business.  Contact us now – before your competitors do!

A quote from a customer who has experienced the Profitable Growth Relationship Based Sales System:

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