The Top 10 Reasons People Resist Change

One of the biggest reasons that business executives are kept awake at night is the slowness of the organisation to adapt to much needed change.

It’s a well-known fact that over 80% of change initiatives fail (or fail to deliver anything like the expected outcomes).

It’s a strange fact that no one, except for Sewells, seems to have:

  1. figured out why
  2. figured out what to do about it so change initiatives work

The single biggest reason for business critical change failing to take hold is…

Your people just DON’T “get it”!

Organisations are shocking at getting to understand why any particular change is necessary – and why it’s necessary now!

Leaders fail to articulate the reason (or story) in a way that ignites the passion and urgency in their people to embrace the changes in double quick time.

They bumble their way through well-laid out PowerPoint presentations full of information – but with no communication, inspiration or motivation!

The presentations aim for the head, not for the heart.

Change is a serious (often life or death) business for organisations – the way you communicate it is as important … if not more important … than what it is you’re communicating.


There are ten other reasons why change initiatives fail.


If you can relate to any or all of these, you may need some help.

Change initiatives are rolled out in organisations constantly, and we, at Sewells, have seen them all.

Talk to a member of our team will discuss with you how they fell down, what other companies have done to rectify their plans, and how we have guided them through the process step by step.

We’ll tell you how to aim for the heart – and let your people ‘feel’ the change they are supposed to buy into.

Once they embrace the new direction, your company won’t look back!

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