Moving from a culture of ‘survival’ to one of ‘growth and sustainability’

What is the new ‘formula’ for a high-performance culture?

Our clients tell us that our competitors are dumbfounded.  They don’t understand how we managed to produce staggering performance improvements for our clients during the pandemic and even more so now that many of the restrictions are being lifted.

These competitors cover similar specialisms as we do – such as leadership, change management, culture change, etc … but there’s something missing!

What our clients say is missing is the fact that our competitors don’t ignite a passion in delegates for them to translate the words into positive attitudes and beliefs into positive changes in performance, accomplishments and achievements – both personal and corporate.

It seems that they don’t know how to create a “can do”, “want to”, “will do” … “have done” culture.

Thomas Carlyle once said, “The purpose of man is in action, not in thought”.

What our clients tell us we do better than any business development company in the world is to inspire people to change, to take action, take control … and positively or permanently change the culture.

Most organisations worked hard to figure out what to do in order to weather the worst impacts of the pandemic.  The problem now is that many of them don’t know how to switch from a culture of ‘survival’ to one of ‘growth and sustainability’ and take full advantage of the better times.

So, over the pandemic we’ve developed a new ‘formula’ for creating an ‘unstoppable’ high performance culture. This is …



Most organisations focus on improving capability of people, systems processes etc … the impact is, therefore, very limited.

Without addressing attitudes and trust levels (in managers and the organisations) there will be no dramatic uplift in performance.

If you moved attitude to 7 (squared) you can double your trust score and see what happens to performance …

For example:

= (8 x 7²(49)) x 68%

= 392 x 68% = 266.6 versus 43.5!!

If this resonates with you, we can help with this in your organisation – in the same way we’ve been helping organisations for 57 years to achieve dramatic improvements in performance and results.

Please contact us now for a no obligation chat to see what sustainable growth is waiting for you to enjoy.


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