Master the Fundamentals

The performance of the GB team at the Rio Olympics was a source of real pride  –  and joy.

To win 67 medals, in 22 disciplines and to come 2nd in the medal table … was a truly remarkable achievement.

It reminded us, at Sewells, of the role we played in training the GB women’s Curling Team to a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 (the first one for 18 years –  Torvell and Dean in Sarajevo in 1984)

The BBC did a great job in the coverage of the games. Their interviews with the medallists was very moving  –  talk of the hard work, the support of their families, their coaches and back room teams etc … They were all gracious and humble … like real winners are!

The one question that got asked of the medallists in every interview we saw was! “What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given”?  The consistency of the answers AMAZED and EXCITED us!

Guess what it was …

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Answer: “Master the Fundamentals”

How simple, how obvious, how profound, how practical and common sense is that?

It’s so simple, obvious, profound, practical and common sense … very few people in leadership charged with improving performance and results in organisations spend much time perfecting it.

They’re looking for the newest “gizmo”, the latest “fad”, the more “advanced and complex” ways of doing things … what’s the point of all this if they don’t know how to build trust, listen, encourage and support their people, coach them to peak performance, performance management them in a positive and effective way (that’s not the annual appraisal BTW  –  it’s a (daily doing), motivate and inspire them to give discretionary effort, communicate, empower, delegate etc …

All pretty basic and fundamental “stuff” eh?

And, most leaders are rubbish at all these things  –  but they want other “stuff” … talk about building a house on sand? No solid foundations, no firm bedrock to build on.

Watch out for notice of our new “Master the Fundamentals” programmes over the coming weeks … or, if you can’t wait, contact us now for a special VIP preview …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry they found 84.6% fewer ‘defects’ within 12 months
  • Another organisation found staff productivity improved by 24.1% from the previous year
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them drive performance and achieve their growth plan of 5 years in less than 2 years

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