Too many “Leaders”, not enough Leadership?

If the principal responsibility of a leader in any organisation is:

“To motivate every single employee to take action and be fully engaged with a compelling mission and vision.

They have the ability to deliver objectives and outcomes, build trusting relationships and overcome adversity and resistance. They also create an “unstoppable” culture of clear accountability, a great one team spirit and are obsessively customer-centric”


Our experience in recent months, and the leadership / engagement surveys by Gallup etc. over recent years, suggest there is a massive shortfall that urgently needs to be filled.

The proper leadership skills needed to create sustainable growth go beyond the traditional technical expertise and managerial experience. They’re an entirely different skills set that we have never been shown to many people who consider themselves to be “Leaders”.

Because of this, these “Leaders” end up operating in the organisation two or three levels below where they need to (i.e. in their “Subject Expert” / “Micro-managing” comfort zone).

Proper, inspirational leadership is what is needed.

Our reputation, at Sewells, is second to none at positively transforming performance and results in organisations large and small. Results like these:  (click to enlarge)

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