“Leading Positive Change” – Step 4

Following the huge responses to our previous 3 steps to “Leading Positive Change” (click here for 1, 2 and 3) here is another step to ensuring positive change in your organisation.

The key to the success of any change agenda is how it is managed by the Senior Team; it’s also the main reason that 81% of change initiatives fail to produce the expected outcomes.

Change must be driven from the top, otherwise it won’t happen and your Senior Team have a responsibility to role model the new behaviours, which means “walking the walk” and “talking the talk” … being the values you want to see in the organisation. Don’t be so naïve as to think your people don’t know when “lip service” is being paid! By then, the damage is done!

Step 4 focuses on three specific ways you and your Senior Team can “be” the change …

1. The energy you bring

Being an authentic leader means your attitude and behaviour “reflects” on your people, channelling and radiating energy where it needs to be focused  –  on the team  –  ensuring BOTH  you … and they …  “live, eat and breathe” the values and behaviours.

2. Belief in your team

All your people’s hearts and minds need to be won in order for sustainable change to happen in practice. As a leader it is your job to inspire your team and give colleagues the confidence, drive and determination to achieve more. Not only that … you will benefit enormously with improved performances and team spirit as a result.

3. Expecting the best

The way to get the best out of your people is to expect the best from them. Give credit where it is due  –  make your people shine! Don’t tolerate negativity  –   this is a destructive force that will kill individual and team spirit, confidence and belief. Anyone in the team not playing their full part in “making it happen” needs to be helped and supported … and if it then still doesn’t happen, moved on.

You don’t achieve successful change initiatives by accident  –  you achieve them by design! You, your Senior Team and all your team have to be on board, aligned and engaged with the vision. Ignoring it, or not taking it seriously enough, will cost you dearly. So please don’t be so naïve or stupid enough to think otherwise.

In order to make your change agenda successful –  and we mean sustainable change  –  all of these 4 vital steps need to have been followed and implemented. If they haven’t, your change agenda is doomed to failure and any investment in time and resources will have been wasted.

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