Leading (and achieving) with absolute belief

Our 55 years’ experience in helping businesses improve show that many leaders seem to spend a lot of time wishing.

They wish they were slimmer and fitter, richer and smarter. They wish their businesses were more successful, their teams more productive, their customers more loyal.

But what would it be like if they could change their wishes to belief, total and absolute belief (i.e. a powerful “knowing” ahead of the reality)?

Wishing is hoping for something – even something impossible – to happen. Believing is knowing what it feels like when it’s happened – and that it will, without doubt, happen!

Wishing speaks of scarcity and doubt.

Believing speaks of abundance and certainty.

Wishing is about wanting, desiring, and yearning.

Believing is about creating, experimenting, refining, never giving up … and achieving.

Try this: Take out a piece of paper. On the left side write down all the things you wish for. Your list might look like this:

  • I wish I were happier
  • I wish I could lose weight
  • I wish the deal wasn’t falling apart
  • I wish my business was more successful
  • I wish my team was more productive


Keep writing until you feel you have written down all your wishes.

On the right side, turn each wish into a belief.

  • Now that I’m happy, what does it look and feel like?
  • Now that the majority of business deals go through, what new opportunities does that open up for us?
  • Now my team is more productive, how great is that for them and me?


When you put “belief” in your life, you instruct your mind to explore and all the ways of making it happen in reality.

As Ghandi once said:

“If I have the belief, I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have had it at the beginning”.

When we become total believers about our lives, we are not trapped in the drama of wishing for something and not getting it. We can handle whatever comes our way in the certain knowledge that our belief will materialise into reality.

“I believe …” allows us to have a better handle on our professional and personal lives.



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