Leadership: The “poisonous” traits that could be infecting your organisation

Just because someone is in a position of leadership doesn’t automatically make them a leader.

Believe it or not establishing whether your organisation’s leaders are “authentic” leaders or “poisonous” leaders is surprisingly simple …  “authentic” leaders deliver on their commitments, they communicate brilliantly and they achieve “out of this world” results … “poisonous” leaders, on the other hand, are more difficult to spot …

  • They don’t “champion” the company vision

Does the “leader” in question live, eat and breathe the “can do/will do” attitude? Do they drive the “bring it on” culture day in,day out  that exemplifies your organisation and, importantly, do they inspire others to do the same?

A “poisonous” leader often mocks the vision and sets a direction to suit their objectives not that of the team.

  • They have a “me,me,me” mentality

Real “leaders” care greatly about those they lead. They build professional relationships that generate trust and open dialogue where respectful disagreements drive improvements in all areas of the business.

A “poisonous” leader is consumed by their own ego and doesn’t care about the people in their team. They show no interest in helping, coaching and developing anyone else but themselves.

  • They have negative attitude

Your “leaders” should inspire people in a way that gives their team the confidence, grit and determination that makes them “unstoppable” … sending performance and results through the roof.

A “poisonous” leader will partake in conversations that will undermine an individual’s confidence and destroy the team spirit.

Do you recognise any of these traits within your team? If you do, then there is good news … the behaviours of these “poisonous” leaders can all be changed and breathtaking performance improvements can be achieved as a result!

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