How To Lead Change Brilliantly

In business these days, change is constant, and change can be difficult … so, speed is the key to gaining the maximum competitive advantage by creating significant business improvements across all areas of the organisation.

There’s a right and a wrong way to implement and embed business critical changes. It’ll come as no surprise that most organisations tend to do it the wrong way.

Guess what happens when a key change is handed down from the top and the people in the organisation do not feel they’ve been involved in the process?

Do you have a group of people who are enthusiastic towards the changes … or angry as heck?

Do you have a group of people who are motivated to play their full part in making change happen … or are they disorientated, or disengaged?

Do you have a group of people who are fully committed … or totally confused?

To get the outcomes wanted from the change it takes a group of people who understand the “why” and have embraced the “how”.

To get the momentum that’s needed, it takes a tried and tested process and lots of leadership skills to get people to understand the “why” the change is necessary and to embrace the “how” you and they are going to make it happen.

To get the commitment to the required changes in attitude, mind-set and behaviours, it takes a group of people to become fully engaged in planning and managing the move towards change.

People are stronger together than apart.

People are more effective when they are all moving in the same direction, in unison.

People are more creative if they all work together toward one common purpose/mission/vision.

People are more impactful when they understand what is needed, why, when, how, etc. … and when they know how they can play their full part in making it happen.

The next time you have a change to implement, why not ask us, at Sewells, how to do it properly?

We’re not the UK’s leading business change specialists for nothing.

Leading positive change is not a matter of chance … it is a matter of applying well thought out, tried and tested methodologies, which win people’s hearts and souls towards embracing and implementing the change.

For instance:-

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the automotive industry they saw sales increase by 20%, in a market up by 4%.
  • Another organisation in the manufacturing industry enjoyed a massive 148% increase in sales
  • Also, after working with an organisation in financial services, they had a 25% uplift in sales in a flat market – and the margin has increased.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Are you ready to win people’s hearts and minds with our well thought out, tried and tested methodologies? Arrange a chat with us today and be one step closer to leading change brilliantly … and sustainably.

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