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In a recent meeting where we’d got some of our prospective clients together to discuss how we could work with each other in the future, a disturbing message was delivered to us at Sewells.

The consensus was, “We’re not sure what you, as a company, do!

It was like a dagger going into the heart for our marketing team.  They know that “feedback is the breakfast of champions” so it was seen as an opportunity to explain it in a way our prospective clients could understand.

The conversation went like this ….


Sewells: “We deliver the business improvements you want and need like no other provider”


Prospective clients: “How do you do that, then?”


Sewells: “By scientifically finding out what the real barriers are to hard and soft outcomes you want to see … and then providing what you require to overcome the barriers: leadership skills, team working excellence disciplines, business coaching, profitable sales growth strategies, etc. … Whatever is required, we have practical, world-class solutions to deliver results beyond your expectations”


Prospect clients: “So, you have solutions to overcome any barriers?”


Sewells: “Well, put it this way, in our 55 year history, we’ve not come across any barrier we’ve not been able to overcome and exceed pre-agreed expectations for any client”


Prospective clients: “It sounds too good to be true”


Sewells: “You can speak to our clients directly … they’ll tell you how they felt before we began partnering  with us … and how they feel now after the INCREDIBLE improvements we’ve helped them achieve!  You won’t  need  any convincing  after that.”


Prospective clients: “Could we arrange a time and date for you to come and see us, please?”


We’re serious about this – if you think what we’re saying is too good to be true then please, put us to the test.

Contact us now to tell us a bit more about the problems you have and don’t want, and the results you want and don’t have, and we’ll give you some names of clients you should talk to who came to us with similar challenges and opportunities we helped them overcome and maximise


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