Inspiring Leadership – oh! So, that’s what it’s all about

With our theme for August being “Inspiring Leadership”, we were thinking of what our key final insight / message should be.

We’ve delivered so many “inspiring leadership” development programmes in the last 12 months, it was difficult to know where to start…or what topic to focus on…and then we received this email (from a 90 person company we’ve been working with for 18 months)


Good afternoon all,

I hope you are all well, we are good thanks.  Below is an extract from the company’s monthly report submitted yesterday – happy days!  The “genuine team result” includes Team Sewells as well, thank you for all guiding us so expertly.

Profit for July of £226K is the highest ever trading result in the history of the company, the previous record was March 2022 at £179K.  Compared to this time last year this is an increase of 70% which is a fantastic result and really starting to show the great work on site.  Gross profit at 39% was 6% higher in the month compared to YTD, showing improvements in reduced waste materials, better productivity, fewer customer complaints and reduced transport costs with fewer re-deliveries due to missing items.  A genuine team result.

Thank you.

Kind regards
“the MD” 


So, the key message is:-

Proper “inspiring leadership” development WORKS…and the new skills learned should be transferred into the workplace – and show through in terms of culture, team spirit, customer centricity, performance, and results like detailed in the above email.  If it’s not…it is not a proper “inspiring leadership” development programme. The least it should do is WORK AND MOVE ALL THE KEY PRE-AGREED PERFORMANCE DIALS.

It’s not a “tick box” exercise…it should WORK.

If your leadership development programme is not producing outcomes like this, you may like to contact us, at Sewells, and we can put you in touch with the MD who sent us the email.

You don’t need to take our word for it, talk to the MD directly and let him tell you how he’s managed to lead such a terrific business transformation with our help.

With seemingly tough times ahead for most organisations, this could be the best thing for you to do to future proof your business.

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