Increasing sales revenues and unit profitability: a simple formula

In the last 12 months our sales development programmes have increased our customers’ sales revenues by an average of 29.6% and unit profitability by 32.4%.

We’ve managed to do this by our deep understanding of:

  • Turning the “sales process” into a “buying process”;
  • Focusing on relationship-based selling, not transaction-based selling;

And, most importantly, tackling “head on” the biggest barrier to the kind of improvements you want to see in sales revenues, profits and customer satisfaction/loyalty, which is:

  • The attitudes and mindsets of the sales people and sales managers

Many organisations focus on building sales skills and product knowledge – but ignore the attitudes and mindsets of people involved in the process.

Think of it this way ….


Let’s turn the negative and battle-weary attitudes of the sales people from a 3 to a 9 ….



Sales revenues, profits and customer satisfaction/loyalty go through the roof!!

One sales development programme we recently ran focused on attitudes with a bit of “spit and polish” on the skills and knowledge.  A “value added” sector of a crowded and competitive market was up 40% – our client’s market share was up 256%!

We are one of the UK’s leading sales development specialists.  Isn’t it time we got together to discuss how our unique, tried, tested and trusted approach can turbocharge your sales performance?

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