Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully

“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher


What was true more than two thousand years ago is just as true today!

We live in a world where “business as usual” is dealing effectively with not only the worry and challenges the pandemic has unexpectedly given us such as surviving as a business, homeworking (and home schooling) and how to keep teams positive and motivated during these trying times, but other changes too. Changes such as; Staying ahead of the competition, increasing market share, changing organisational culture and amazing customers with levels of service that lock them into you forever.

Whatever the change is, how we perceive it (as individuals, as a team and as an organisation), how we engage and how well we work together towards a common goal will ultimately determine how successful that change is.

Leaders and Managers know that there may be more changes to come, but do they really know how to go about delivering on change?! Where do you start? Whom do you involve? How do you see it through to a successful conclusion? And, currently… in double-quick time!

Our customers tell us we are the best at helping their managers to successfully change the way their organisation operates, to create the performance breakthroughs that have eluded them – especially now more than ever before. Our tried and tested approach has never failed to deliver pre-agreed performance improvements.


Firstly, we help create a Sense of Urgency for the Change*


For change to happen, it helps when the whole company really wants it. Organisations are not good at this.  Developing a sense of urgency around the need for change helps you spark the initial motivation to get things moving.

This isn’t simply a matter of showing people poor sales statistics, talking about increased competition, or the old  “burning platform”. It’s about opening an honest and convincing dialogue about what’s happening in the marketplace and with your competition – and why the change needs to happen, and the benefits it will bring.

By getting people talking positively about how they can contribute towards the change you are proposing … the urgency can build on their ideas and enthusiasm.


What can we, at Sewells, help you do?


  • Conduct diagnostic interviews, at all levels, to gain some different perspectives and priceless insights on the real challenges and opportunities that get in the way of, or that will assist in, the business being as successful and as enjoyable a place to work as it can and should be. This is done in conjunction with finding out what may help in the future.
  • Examine the opportunities for improvement that should be, or could be, exploited.
  • Enable honest dialogue about the best way to get from where the organisation is now to where it wants and needs to be
  • Winning everyone’s hearts and minds to support the change in the workplace


Click here to read the rest of the steps in this FREE report “Eight Steps to Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully” * … with more insights as to how we begin the change process.

Change really is the new “business as usual”. To maximise your chances of success when it comes to implementing change successfully, you’ll need our help. Don’t risk “going it alone”. Call us or email us to arrange a mutually convenient time to speak over the telephone or Zoom/Microsoft Teams.


* Based on John Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change

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