How to win big, when the economic forecast looks bleak

When people are afraid, it’s often said that they’re “scared stiff”. That’s because fear has the power to stop any one of us in our tracks.

There is a good reason for this: in prehistoric times, when people lived in caves the roar of a huge predator scared them into hiding somewhere that was safe until the threat had passed.  It was a life-saving strategy to be “scared stiff”.

However, the leaders of any business who apply that cavemen fear strategy to their organisation, division or department place a very low ceiling on their potential. Being scared into inaction is always a mistake. Often fatal.



In fact, it’s at times like this that real leaders emerge; and it’s where some of the biggest gains of their lives can be made!

For instance, when there are negative economic forecasts for their country, industry (or both), their leadership brain gets to work … and … they know their fear-frozen competitors will stand still and they get busy developing strategies to gain a disproportionate chunk of market-share.

If uncertainty is causing inaction, you need to wake up and start leading your business because it desperately needs you to regain control.


THIS IS THE TIME FOR ACTION – and to leave your fear-frozen competitors standing!


We know from the 2008 global recession, that fear-focused competitors were cutting back as they took in the economic warnings. The same will apply as BREXIT looms … and they have no idea exactly how it will hit them, their customers, clients or suppliers … no one has any idea …. but that fear-focused mindset creates a massive vacuum!! MASSIVE!!! and … a huge chasm of inaction.

And a huge opportunity for us and vast expanse of rare potential!

That opportunity and expanse will be filled, just as it was in 2008, by strategic, proactive leaders in business, those with the grit, determination and spirit to embrace the opportunity and move their businesses forward. Leaders like you!

Why don’t we put a plan together to grow your business? We can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits.



So, what is your main business improvement challenge?


We, at Sewells, are specialists in positive business transformation,  we’ve never failed to achieve – or exceed – the pre-agreed objectives our clients are looking for.

Recent successes include-

  • A company from the financial services sector reported a 120% increase in profits year on year in a flat market
  • Productivity increased by 164% over the following 18 months for another client, this time from the manufacturing sector
  • Whilst a third, from the engineering sector, reported a 400% increase in turnover since they started working with Sewells, and a 20% EBITDA (from a break even situation)

We can help your business, too.  We really can.  If you contact Sewells and tell us the business improvements you want to see (both hard and soft) we will show you exactly what you need to do – and how to do it – to improve your business in the way you’ve always wanted.

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