How to earn admiration and respect from prospects and customers that add up to referrals, recommendations and brilliant sales growth

The more recommendations you earn, the more sales you’ll close. The emphasis is on the word EARN! Recommendations, referrals and repeat business are hard won things.

You need “word of mouth”, because the moment you leave a prospect, your reputation isn’t what you say it is – it’s what other people say it is. People are going to check out your “word of mouth” before they buy.

You need to know how to earn the respect and recommendation of your existing customers within the sales process so when future prospects are ready to buy from you they can speak to them to be reassured that they are making the right decision.

Our research with buyers suggests that there are three things you need to know to “make it happen” :-

1. When you leave, prospects are going to talk to loads of people
And, when they do, they’re going to say one of five things: Something great, something good, nothing, something bad, or something really bad. What you do, how you act to deliver on what you’ve promised during the sales process, and how hard you work to earn their positive “word of mouth” will determine what they say about you.

2. Word of mouth is what sells
The world is drowning in advertising especially on social media now and positive actions are driven by something much more powerful: “word of mouth”. What are your customers saying about you behind your back? Because that will determine not only your future with that relationship, but also what they would be willing to say to your next prospect if asked.

3. “Memorable” is everything
If you aren’t memorable, you won’t be spoken about in a positive way – you’ll be spoken about in an average way. But if you’ve done the simple things extraordinarily well, created a “WOW” experience, and gone above and beyond what your competitors are doing, they’ll go out and talk about you in a way that breaks down any barriers of resistance future prospects may have.

Download the Four Rules of “Word of Mouth” marketing here

Whatever you do, remember this:

“Word of mouth” is something you can be great at. It doesn’t take big money, or fancy promotions, it just takes heart, enthusiasm and sincerity – and you’ve got that … haven’t you?

We did this with a major brand … and it produced 1.8 referrals for every customer sold.

The closing ratio was 75% on the referrals.

That equated to an additional 1.35 new products sold for every 1 delivered.

THAT’s how to future proof your business!

You may need help with knowing how to do this … please call us on 01244 681068 and our team will take you on a dedicated journey, culminating in your team being the best it can be, bringing customers and referrals through your doors.

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