How to deliver positive and sustainable change in your organisation

We, at Sewells, have championed a truism for quite a while:-


Businesses don’t succeed, people do!


The performance improvements this has helped us to create for our clients (once they understand how to turn this truism into a stunning reality in their organisations) have been ground breaking (e.g. £66m improvement in the bottom line in two years / a 68% increase in revenues and 79% increase in profits in 18 months).

We’ve now developed another truism which we’re beginning to champion, and (once applied positively and effectively in our clients’ organisations) it is creating even greater ground-breaking improvements – and it’s this:-


Businesses don’t change, people do!
(And it’s usually one person at a time)


Change takes many different forms in businesses, and the usual approaches to trying to successfully embed it involves a lot of new processes, structures and systems.

When the change fails to take root, more urgency and pressure are applied – levels of frustration grow – and the change still fails to happen in reality.

Why? Because leaders don’t know the fundamental building block of what makes change work in practice.


For any changes to be embedded and sustainable, all the people involved need to behave differently. 


As blindingly obvious as this is, the harsh truth is that most leaders in most organisations don’t know how to successfully embed change.  (Tip: it’s not about telling people what to do).

Our “Leading Successful Change™” programmes have been proven to deliver change brilliantly … and the improvements in performance and results, beyond our clients’ expectations.  Our clients gave us unsolicited feedback on the whole experience  … here is what some of them have had to say:


If I walked into a competitor and they said they have this great new training company which will change the way we do business and said it’s called “Sewells” … I’d be very worried “
M.C. Chief Executive Officer


We can have the same positive impacts for your organisation.  Contact us for a no obligation meeting – it will, we promise be the  most powerful and profitable 90 minutes you’ve had in years!


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