How to create The Instant Business Turnaround you need and want

There’s only one thing that will create an instant turnaround during challenging times … and that’s your people … or rather, your people’s performance.

The old adage of “businesses don’t succeed – people do!” has never been more true.

Your people are probably working harder than they’ve ever done … but there’s something missing … that little extra that makes all the difference. The little extra that turns ordinary people into extraordinary performers.

Remember that water boils at 100◦c … not at 99◦c.  Getting that extra 1◦c turns a hot performance into a boiling hot performance. It’s then, and only then that the latent energy is released in the form of steam … which can be harnessed to provide the power to drive machines to produce almost anything.

Human beings are the same … unleashing their full potential is the key to an instant turnaround.

All the individuals in your teams have potential they are not currently using … it’s called discretionary potential.

Learning how to release … and properly direct and channel this discretionary potential creates instant turnarounds.

Your people intentionally (or unintentionally) regulate the passion, energy and creativity they put into their jobs dependent on a number of factors … The biggest factor is the way they feel valued and appreciated.

If you are giving your people clear direction and they feel they’re being treated well, honestly and fairly, they’ll be unstoppable.

If the direction is unclear and your people feel they’re unappreciated and important issues are being hidden from them … they’ll pull back and only do “just enough”.

If your people are being abused, they’ll find clever and costly ways to get back at the boss and the organisation.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Since the economic crash in 2008 our tried and tested Business “Turnaround” Programme has shown hard-working, well intentioned managers how to transform performance … how to turn strategic intent into tangible business results … how to develop excellence in execution!

These are managers who knew what they wanted their people to do … they just couldn’t get them to do it!

They just lacked the three secrets we gave them to use, to turn them into business transformation specialists.

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