Four Toxic Words to Avoid

There’s a dangerous 4-word phrase that crops up when we have meetings with prospects to discuss how to dramatically improve their business performance and results.


It’s a toxic little statement that can cause a whole lot of problems.


I’ve heard senior managers, in all sorts of businesses, say these words and literally risk the growth and improvements they desperately want and need to see … because they end up chasing down one dead end after another, looking for new answers that simply don’t exist.


So, what are these toxic words?


  1. My
  2. Business/Department
  3. Is
  4. Different!


Yes. Every day, senior managers reject ideas that could save, or transform, their businesses – because they’ve set up a mental roadblock, convincing themselves that they’re somehow an exception to the rule.


They reason: “That might work for goods, but we sell services”.


Or: “That’s fine if you sell to businesses, but we sell to consumers”.


Then there’s: “Yes, but we don’t sell online, we need people to visit our premises”.


Not forgetting: “We don’t get repeat sales – each customer buys once”.


But these “differences” are trivial.  Quite simply, every business that’s ever raised an invoice has the same fundamental issues, challenges and opportunities.


Basically, if revenue, margin and growth are priorities, then it’s the same process you’d use, whether selling milk, insurance, or jet engines … with just a few small adaptations, like where you find the customers and how much you follow up.


In that sense, every business is identical.  Successfully growing and improving your business/department is just a matter of executing a small number of proven, repeatable steps, extraordinarily well.


We know this, because those steps are built into the business improvement programmes that never fail, which, we at Sewells, have perfected over the last 28 years.


We’ve developed a 7-point strategy that drives positive improvements in every business.  It uses leadership, motivation, effective communication, winning hearts and minds so people give their best day in, day out, positive performance management, creating an unstoppable “one team” spirit, developing ownership and a deep sense of personal responsibility for making it happen … and more to … find the ideal growth/performance improvement plan for you.


And we’d like to show you how it works: how it will put you in control and take you to achieving, or exceeding all your business goals, targets and objectives.


If you’re already doing well, but still looking for serious growth, this is a chance to develop a winning strategy, free of charge.


There’s no obligation to work with us … and no pressure tactics. Just tell us, is it right for you … and, if so, will you do it alone, or let us help build it for you?


If you want to know more, call us on 01244 681068 and we’ll answer any or all of your questions … and, if you think it’s a good move, we’ll find a time, date and place for our meeting.

Call us now, or if you’d rather, click here to request a meeting date/time/place.

And whatever you do, please – avoid those toxic words, “My business is different”!  They serve no purpose.

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