Every day in 2017 is a CHOOSEDAY

There are going to be very few certainties in 2017, but there’s one thing you can be certain of … and this is the only piece of advice you need to follow to make 2017 your best year ever.

Whatever shows up in our outer world (good, or not so good), is always a reflection of what we think and believe in our inner world.

What we think and believe in our inner world is a function of the choices we make day in, day out.

What most people don’t fully understand is that we all have complete freedom over the choices we make … no matter what the circumstances with which we are presented.

What we don’t have, is freedom over the consequences of the choices we make.

We have the choice to participate fully in making change work positively for us  –  or not.

We have the choice to be optimistic and see the good in every situation and every person  –  or not.

We have the choice to enquire, to be curious and to challenge the status quo to make things better  –  or not.

We have the choice to develop ourselves and be filled with a positive attitude, gratitude, appreciation, energy, vitality, good health, etc  –  or not.

The one certainty for 2017 therefore is …

Whatever you choose to think and believe about yourself, other people, the world we live in, work, etc …  will be delivered to you in your outer world.

So, every day in 2017 is a CHOOSEDAY … please choose wisely!

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