Cast your mind back …

When was the last time you heard a talk, or a speech, at a meeting or conference, which left you feeling:



People tell us their experience is more like a “motivational” speaker who jumps onto the stage as a PA blurts out “Simply The Best” … promising the world but just trotting out the same old trite ideas, things you’ve heard a thousand times before.

Our clients tell us they are not fans of the latter type of speeches and keynote addresses … audiences might clap while the speaker is up on stage … but what happens to those same audiences the next day, when they get back to work? What actually changes?  Nothing! … absolutely nothing!!

It’s probably fair to say that the unforgettable and electrifying speeches are few and far between… and generally people are left feeling disappointed and desperate to hear something different. Well, these are not emotions you will experience with us, at Sewells. (Click on the image below to enlarge / download)


We have invested over 58 years of being in business knowing what to say and how to say it, in order to not only get the key messages across, but also to truly inspire and “rev people off the clock” to taking positive action in the process.

Sewells have been responsible for creating a wide range of leadership, management, sales and motivational speeches, which are in high-demand by leading businesses who want the key messages from their company meetings and conference to be willingly and unfailingly translated into dynamic and effective actions, and on a sustainable basis when delegates return to the workplace.

“Having seen all the supposed “greats”, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters, Jack Black … they are no comparison, not even in the same league”

Sewells possess a deep understanding of human behaviour and how attitude can not only affect individual performance, but also how it can have a huge impact (positive or negative) on the performance of other individuals around them.

Our reputation for injecting an attitude of ‘unstoppability’ in all your people is second to none. So, if you have a company / sales conference, or even an away day or strategy session that you are planning this year or early next year, and are looking for a truly memorable speech that’s full of timeless wisdom and is positively inspirational for you and your team then look no further! If you want a huge impact on your company, then you need to get in touch with us at Sewells.

If you click on the video below you’ll see a snippet of our Chairman, Dr William Holden, in action.  Then, to find out more (or to request a copy of Will’s profile), please call us on 01244 681 068 for all the information you’ll need to finish your next conference on the biggest “high” with a lasting impact which goes well beyond just the day and evening of your conference!


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