Change is the constant … speed is the variable

“How many times do we have to explain why this change and improvement is necessary?  Everyone tells me they understand … but as soon as my back is turned, they continue like nothing has happened!”


It is really worrying how many organisations we’ve met within recent months who are struggling to get business critical changes and improvements embedded into their day to day operations.

We’ve observed the same basic errors being made that make change and improvements too difficult to implement.

They are: –

  • Having a tendency to “jump to action” … impatience leads to looking at ways to execute change before making sure people get the “why” the change is needed in the first place
  • The focus is all on the relatively simple “hard” side of change (i.e. structure, systems and processes) … the more difficult “soft” side of change (i.e. getting people aligned and winning their hearts and minds to play a full part in making change happen) is left for later, or – worse still – ignored
  • Underestimating what it takes to reach an alignment of and between people … this is based on authentic leadership generating complete trust, total openness and mutual respect.

It’s worth remembering that change happens quicklyhabits change slowly but human nature never changes. Most organisations try and create change through manipulation rather than inspiration … driving change rather than nurturing it … creating reluctant conscripts rather than willing volunteers – and when the change doesn’t happen quickly enough … more manipulation and force is the outcome.

When the behaviours that you require to improve performance are not being exhibited on a day to day basis, that’s when you’re at most risk. You may find you need some help to brilliantly execute any significant change in a tried and tested, sustainable, risk free, fully aligned way.

Sewells is the help you need … our track record is second to none!  Download our FREE report, “Eight Steps to Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully” to see how we will help you and then, please get in touch!  You’ll be glad you did.


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