Change: Is it Business Improvement you need or Business Transformation?

For over 56 years, and in economic conditions every bit as bad as we’re facing now,  our clients and prospective clients have been getting in touch with us to help improve business performance.

We’re always delighted to help.

However, after completing in depth diagnostic interviews and analysis, and having an honest discussion with us, what they realise is that it’s a business TRANSFORMATION that they need and want!

So, what’s the difference between business improvement and business transformation?

The big one is:

Business improvement focuses on “fixing the past”
Business transformation focuses on “creating a new and better future”


That’s why so often, business improvement programmes are not sustainable.

Improvement is driven by tactics and relies on processes, methods and systems.

Transformation is driven by strategy and fundamental changes in attitudes, mindsets, beliefs and behaviours on a permanent basis.

Improvement creates small improvements

Transformation creates significant improvements

Improvement creates reluctant conscripts (most change initiatives fail to achieve their stated outcomes -70%)

Transformation creates willing volunteers (your people become “unstoppable”)

Don’t take our word for it …

1. A Net Promoter Score of +90 in 2019 tells you everything you need to know about our ability to deliver on what we promise

2. After the financial crash in 2008 a client in the financial services sector achieved the following:
2008 – £8m profit
2009 – £14.2m profit
2010 – £20.6m profit
2011 – £36.2m profit
2012 – £50.8m profit …
This was produced by a mixture of TRANSFORMATION in the sales process and in operational excellence – and permanently changing the culture

3. In a high value capital goods sector where the market had collapsed by 85% due to the 2008 financial crisis, as the market began to slowly pick up (i.e. up 14%) we  helped sales improve by over 56%. The competitors we left standing.

If you want to create a new and better future for YOUR organisation, contact Sewells and arrange a meeting with one of our business transformation specialists.  2020 has turned out to be less than we all hoped – but, with Sewells’ help, 2021 can be your best year ever!

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