Why most leadership development programmes don’t improve business performance and results

Side-stepping four common mistakes can not only help companies develop stronger and more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale … but also create sustainable improvements in performance in all areas … and, of course, the results. For years, organisations have lavished time and money on improving the capabilities of managers and on … Continue reading

How to be a great manager and a terrific leader

The staggering business improvements we, at Sewells, always help our clients to produce is mainly due to our ability to transition capable managers into brilliant leaders. There is a big difference between management and leadership. However, to be highly effective in driving positive change in any organisation is not a case of replacing good management … Continue reading

The One Set Of Skills Nearly Every Leader Lacks

What makes a good business leader? The answers vary widely … and our 53+ years of experience tells us it’s one skill above all others that the really good business leaders possess that mediocre ones lack … and it’s people skills. We see business leaders with terrific commercial skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, organisational … Continue reading

The Gift Of Self Confidence In 2018

With the new year approaching, organisations will be focusing on two things:- Having a really good finish to 2017 Getting off to a flying start in 2018 For most of you, next year’s business objectives and key plans for your organisation are already set and now the challenge is how you get everyone to play … Continue reading

Almost Every Time We Hear The Phrase ‘Employee Engagement’ …

Almost every time we hear the phrase ‘Employee Engagement’, we cringe … (a lot!). I know that’s a strange thing for us, at Sewells, to say, particularly for an organisation that spends so much of its time supporting organisations to improve their performance by developing people to the full and being focused on turning their vision … Continue reading

Budgeting (and Planning) for Success Pt.2

Is responsibility for next year’s company’s budget weighing heavily on you? You may be focusing on sales forecasts, new product developments, growing market share strategies and initiatives for streamlining processes, but have you thought about the key element needed to deliver explosive growth for years to come? (which is … your people!) The truth is … Continue reading

What Are The Characteristics Of A Successful Leader?

Do you possess the characteristics common to successful leaders, the ones who find ways to become the very best at everything they do? Do you know how to prioritise, set and execute your goals? Do you focus on building relationships? Do you strive for “good” or “best?” Do you welcome competition? Are you an optimist? Do … Continue reading

Budgeting (and Planning) for Success Pt.1

It seems “that time of year” has crept up on us again and the responsibility for formulating and “fine-tuning” budgets is weighing heavily on the shoulders of all Senior Managers and Directors out there. Some would say planning their 2018 budget, and adhering to it, so it can be easily monitored and maintained, is quite … Continue reading

Please stop with “I’m too busy”

We’re all just so “busy” these days. “Buried”, “slaves to the machine”, “trying to keep our heads above water” etc. … In fact, most managers are so “busy” doing stuff … they never have time to learn how to become masters at being in control. When managers say they’re “busy” this is what we’ve learned … Continue reading

How To Lead Change Brilliantly

In business these days, change is constant, and change can be difficult … so, speed is the key to gaining the maximum competitive advantage by creating significant business improvements across all areas of the organisation. There’s a right and a wrong way to implement and embed business critical changes. It’ll come as no surprise that … Continue reading