At last! The improvements in performance and results you need and want

It’s about doing simple things extraordinarily well!

The simple things are those things which still work long after you’ve forgotten all the drama that went along with learning them in the first place … but how many have you put to one side and don’t use anymore?

For example, publishers make over 90% of their profit from books they published more than six months ago. And yet they only put 2% of their effort into promoting and selling those books…. they make the mistake of focusing on what’s new instead of what works.

After all, isn’t it more exciting always to launch new books rather than re-print old ones?

It’s just the same with leadership and business improvement skills.

It turns out that time spent on mastering the essentials and learning how to do the simple things extraordinarily well is almost always a solid investment; it yields a terrific ROI and encourages  brilliant communication, effective motivation, delegation, decision making, creative problem solving, time management and prioritising  and so on.

There’s a simple explanation as to why this approach is such a great investment …

Unfortunately though, many organisations look in the wrong place for solutions because they are the people who just like the “new stuff”. These people are easier to reach, possibly even more fun to work with, but because they seek variety, they rarely check whether the suggested approaches work or not. It doesn’t really matter to them … what matters is they’re new! 

We at Sewells have, over the past 53 years, developed vast experience in helping leaders do the simple things extraordinarily well.  Our tried and tested approach is guaranteed to produce brilliant results, just look at the results we’ve achieved for our clients …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry they’d reduced ‘defects’ by 84.6% within 12 months
  • Another organisation found staff productivity improved by 24.1% from the previous year
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them drive performance and achieve their growth plan of 5 years in less than 2 years

If you want similar performance transformations, simply contact us today on 01244 681 068 or email for a “no obligation” chat with one of our capable team …  you’ll be really glad you did.

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