A team can spell success … or disaster.

Like most people, we’ve always been fascinated by teamwork and performance. Now, more than even – whether that’s the team in the office or at home – or a combination of both!

So, how does the right team become a single, efficient, almost unstoppable unit. Each person playing their own part, in achieving … and exceeding … objectives?

For us, at Sewells, we know it is one of the make-or-break factors in any business.

And in most companies, it is one of the biggest opportunities for improvement.

And here’s why

The members of a team are usually not recruited as a team. They are a diverse set of individuals, all hired for their own skills, and all bringing their own experience and skills – including beliefs, attitudes, and habits.

Then, they are brought together, thrown together, and then expected to “bond” as a highly effective unit!

But that kind of alchemy very rarely works.

And no amount of paintball days will remove the cracks. (paper over them for a few days, maybe … but not remove them!)

So, what’s the answer?

It takes time and concerted effort to form a genuine, trusting, hugely effective and sustainably winning team. It takes a tailor-made and structured programme, to synchronise every cog in the machine, for it to operate at optimum level.

Here at Sewells, we’ve helped achieved this level of transformation for all kinds of companies and organisations – including a part of Mercedes Benz, who called on us to bed in their new senior management team.

Click here to read how we helped Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz Retail’s Network Operations Director had this to say:

 “The result of this leadership programme is entirely logical and can be easily seen in the motivation of staff and managers – which in turn leads to a positive enhancement of customer service. I have seen a direct relationship of this programme with sales results, and also CSI results. I cannot speak highly enough of Sewells and their knowledge of this subject.”

What will happen in your business or division if we do the same for you?


It is amazing what you can create when following a tried and tested programme that always produces the success clients want to see.

Within 12 months, they had broken into the industry’s top 3 for customer satisfaction (from the bottom 10!) and within 18 months had smashed their stretching objectives.

So, if you need to create a world class level of team spirit, a winning team mentality, together with a deep sense of personal and collective responsibility and accountability then please get in touch.

There’s a quote, attributed to Virgil – “Experto credite – Trust the one who has proved it”.

Well, we’ve proved it. Time and again. Now let’s team up and prove it for you, too.

Contact us to find out how having a proper purpose can help transform your organisation’s performance and results. You’ll be staggered at the improvements in all areas of the organisation the insights from this will allow you to achieve.

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