7 clear signs something’s wrong in your organisation (and it’s not just the numbers!)

As a new year approaches, it’s often a time for reflection on the year just gone, and a time for projection on the one which is about to begin. When a new decade dawns, well, that makes the period of reflection and projection all the more critical.

We reckon that you’re no different from everyone else – you’re thinking about how to make 2020 your best year, and the ‘20’s your best decade, ever – maybe the “Roaring 20’s” for you?

But first you need to assess where you and, in particular, your organisation are now.

It’s not just the numbers which will tell you there’s something wrong in your organisation – behaviour and the culture count for an awful lot, too. In a report for you to download we’ve identified 7 clear signs that there’s something wrong that impacts on performance (although there are more) … How many will you recognise in your organisation??




How Sewells will help

We work with organisations large and small … and we’ve never failed to help them find out what’s wrong in their organisations – and help fix it in order to positively transform business performance. And we’ve been doing it for decades. We have over 55 years’ experience and we are the UK’s leading provider of organisational performance improvement programmes

By working in a spirit of true partnership with our clients, we help them to identify/address some, or all, of the signs that something is wrong in the first place. With Sewells’ help, the following improvements in results have been achieved over recent years:-

  • “We’ve seen a £30 million increase in our bottom line this year – well ahead of target.” (1,300-person manufacturing organisation)
  • “Sales are up 50% on last year – and our unit GP has been maintained … we’ve smashed our targets.” (95-person financial services organisation)
  • “The working environment has changed beyond belief. It’s now positive and dynamic – and a high-performance ‘unstoppable’ culture has taken root. Every dial on our KPI ‘dashboard’ is moving in the right direction at quite a pace!” (10,500-person retail organisation)


If you’d like similar improvements in 2020 … GUARANTEED … please let us help. Let’s start with a no-obligation, strictly private and confidential chat about your organisation, its challenges and opportunities with one of our world-renowned practitioners… at no cost to you!

Please just email us to register your interest – we’ll do the rest.



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