7 basic skills every great leader learns to master

  1. Do what you say you will do. Too many leaders just do whatever they can get away with. Be credible.
  2. Do what’s right, not what’s easy. This one can be hard; doing what is right is rarely easy. And many times leaders choose the wrong path. Be courageous
  3. Take responsibility for your actions. Stop making excuses for your decisions and rationalizing your choices. The more excuses they hear from you, the less people will trust you. Be trustworthy.
  4. Stand by your convictions. Some so-called leaders believe that high standards limit their opportunities. Everyone has their own level, but you cannot be a leader people admire if you don’t have strong convictions. Know what you value and believe – and live, eat and breathe them.
  5. Find clarity in transparency. For some the idea of transparency in leadership may be disruptive, but to be unrestricted and open ensures that those you lead are open and unrestricted with you. Today’s power is gained by sharing knowledge not by hoarding it. Be transparent.
  6. Maintain scrupulous honesty. Leaders need to be honest with themselves and others. They need to understand what they can do what they cannot do and consider what they can do better. It is better to be realistic about who you are then have someone call you out on your pretense. Be honest.
  7. Value character above image and persona. It is often said that character is the cornerstone of leadership, the thing that sets people apart as leaders. Be righteous.

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