5 crucial skills needed to be successful at work

Here’s our 5 crucial skills to help you be successful at work.

1. The ability to relate to others

Having the ability to relate to others and their position or viewpoint is crucial in business. By having a well-rounded personality and set of experiences, it’s usually possible to relate to almost anyone. Sometimes being able to relate to others simply means that you’re willing to agree to disagree with mutual respect; letting them know you understand their position.

2. Strong communication skills

This is the most fundamental people skill because it encompasses your persona and ability to get along with other colleagues, persuade others to listen to your ideas, and much more. If you have a gift for the spoken and written word, you will always put your best foot forward. Being articulate is highly prized in today’s workplace, when time is at a premium and technology requires constant communication.

The biggest illusion with communication is the mistake that people think it’s actually taken place. This refers to the notion that as we speak to others, we believe that they are of the same mindset as us, and are processing things exactly as we would. Even if this were possible – which it’s not – it would be incredibly challenging because of semantic ambiguity. “Universal quantifiers” for instance – all, any, every, etc. – are systematic violations of accurate communication in that they are rarely true in a literal sense, and leave significant room for translation. Effective communicators are very careful to understand these systematic violations, and avoid them or accommodate them when necessary.

3. Patience with others

If you’re patient with others and can keep a level head in stressful situations, it will definitely be noticed by management and perceived as a very strong asset. When your boss is forced to deal with a situation where people have lost their cool he or she will certainly remember the troublemakers when the next promotion comes available.

4. The ability to trust others

You can only accelerate your career if you’re trustworthy. Without it, you can’t get projects done or get cooperation. No one can operate in a vacuum for long.

5. Knowing how and when to show empathy

Having the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes is a key people skill. It allows us to create relationships with others, provides insights into people’s motives and allows us to predict responses.

Offer support, sympathy and feedback in your daily business life. It will bring you positive emotional returns – part of “corporate karma”. If you contribute to a dehumanised company, both you and your employer will have limited growth potential.

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