4 ways to strengthen internal communication

As a leader you’ll know that internal communication between teams and departments is important for any organisation to function effectively.

However, a recent survey found that the one mistake organisations make the most in managing their employees … is a lack of communication between employees and management.

The way we’ve helped improve our clients’ internal communication has also had a big impact on performance, employee engagement and staff retention as a result of the work we had done with them.

Your organisation can build stronger teams and send performance results “ballistic” by adopting these actionable steps …


  1. Encourage sharing, input and open dialogue

Good communication flows both ways; it should be open, transparent and exist across all levels … sharing valuable insights will be helpful to drive the business forward.

Employees who work for a company with a great culture have no fear of speaking openly to anyone and always feel they have been heard.

  1. Have managers lead by example

Your Senior Team passionately shares your joint vision and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there; they “lead by example”.

If you want your team to communicate openly, clearly and consistently you need to make sure you communicate openly, clearly and consistently first.

  1. Make your vision clear … and gain employee “buy in”

Take the time to explain the company’s vision and values, win your people’s hearts and minds.

When your teams are unified in their understanding of your organisation’s vision, they will be able to communicate with one another more effectively in order to make that a “stunning reality” … and be excited and enthused by it.

  1. Strengthen connections

Not only should communication be improved between team members who work together, but also between employees and their managers.

Leaders who take the time to get to know their employees and are willing to listen to them will find it easier to communicate and keep direct reports on task. When employees feel that managers are able to address their individual concerns, they are more likely to feel connected.

Employees should feel that they can easily communicate with their team members as well as upper management, because this contributes to productivity and overall results.

Contact us today for a private and confidential discussion about how to not only strengthen communication, but also to get the best out of your people  –  day in, day out.

The results our clients have achieved are breath-taking …

  • As a result of our work an organisation in the automotive sector has seen profits double, parts up by 4.5% and hours sold increased by 9%.
  • Another organisation had seen profits increase by 72% … thanks to “operational excellence”

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