What the Paralympics can teach us

Whilst the achievement of Team GB at the Rio Olympics was truly breath-taking – the achievement of Team GB at the Paralympics, believe it or not, exceeded it.

The performances are one thing, but the competitors stories of the adversities they’ve had to overcome are truly humbling.

The courage and the bravery of individuals to not just accept the circumstances that life has dealt them  –  but to dream of achieving excellence  –  and strive, work hard, show the discipline required to not only “take part” but also to win.

Digging deep, finding the grit, determination and attitude to overcome adversity and succeed. The success is fabulous enough to see in its own right, but their sheer joy, appreciation and gratitude is wonderful to behold … and it should be a lesson to us all.

Their teaching to us is simple: “if we can do it (i.e. achieve excellence in our chosen field) … so can you! If we can be joyful, appreciative and full of gratitude, so can you”!

So, why is it that so many people with so much to be joyful, appreciative and full of gratitude about rarely, if ever, show it?

These are able bodied/able minded people with decent jobs and prospects, reasonable salaries and benefits, hardworking and well intentioned managers, great workplace and customers who want to feel valued … so, there are opportunities galore.

Yet the prevalent culture is to moan, whinge and belly-ache with a “woe is mine” attitude.

Let’s start a positive attitude revolution –  are you up for it?

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