The TOSITA Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 26th March

In last Monday’s video, Sewells Chairman, Dr William Holden, talked about the importance of controlling our thinking from the moment we wake up.  “The first few minutes of the day are the rudder of the day.” This has never been truer, or more relevant, than now.

Controlling our thinking (the “seeds”) from the start of the day increases our chances of the day being all we want it to be (the “crop”).

Sow positive seeds, we get a positive crop! It is as simple as that.

** Spoiler alert!! **  ** Spoiler alert!! **

However, controlling our thinking (and making it positive) needs to be worked at throughout the day. And this is the theme of next Monday’s video when we’ll explain how to create an environment where people around us are positive, too.

Have you ever considered how you answer when someone asks “How are you?”  Every day we have a choice as to the answer we give.

A few years ago, whilst delivering a leadership programme, Will was covering the importance of sowing the right thought seeds when it comes to managing ourselves to become the best we can be.  One delegate, let’s call him Mike, disagreed with the advice quite vociferously.  The true story which follows is an object lesson in the benefit of a positive response.




We’ve kept in touch with Mike … his career had stalled a little before our ‘chat’ on the workshop yet in the five years following it, he’d had four promotions!  He was the happiest he’d ever been.

As with all the TOSITA stories, the message here is simple yet profound: Never, ever underestimate the power of the words we use.  Understand this, and we will all become a black belts in controlling our thinking – and keeping it positive.

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