What’s included in the prize?

  • 3 days’ strictly private and confidential one-on-one diagnostic interviews with key people, who you will choose*
  • 2 days of analysis of the interviews – the results of your “Leadership Health Check”
  • 1 day of report writing to bring it all together … with a “fix it for good” action plan
  • A diagnostic feedback session with you (and whoever else you’d like to involve) to hear, examine and talk through the results – your ‘prognosis’ and bespoke ‘treatment plan’!
  • The results gathered will help guarantee your business will hit its targets … and much more!

* A maximum of 15 interviews – 5 maximum per day


There are some conditions … to be eligible for the prize draw:-

  • Your company must employ at least 150 people
  • You must be director level, or someone in a decision-making position