Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of “motivational” speakers, yes?

Pumped-up success pedlars who jump onto the stage as the PA blurts out Simply The Best … then promise the world but just trot out the same old trite ideas:

  • “Surround yourself with successful people”
  • “Get negativity out of your life”
  • “Give yourself permission to succeed”

The stuff you’ve heard a thousand times over.

I’m no fan of these people! They might get claps and hollers of “Yeah!” while they’re up on stage. But what happens to their audience the next day, when they get back to work?

What actually changes?


They sink back into their old routine – dealing with the same hang-ups and mental blocks they had 24 hours earlier.

Why? Because simple answers you can print on a T-shirt don’t bring about transformation. 

Motivation is not about getting people “fired up”, at a one-off seminar or annual conference. And it’s not about selling everyone the same ideal of success.

No – it’s a personal mission, based on each individual’s goals and values. And it’s not an event … it’s a process that continues through the year.

It might not sound as “sexy” and dramatic as the flash speaker up on stage. But get it right, and it’s meaningful. Showing through in results – not just for days, but from that day forward.

Sewells can do this for your team. Same as we did for employees at a packaging company. 

A few years back, we ran a Culture Change & Business Transformation Programme, to support their retail product and packaging operations. And the impact on motivation shone through, in their sales and profits.

It worked because it was more than a one-off empty “motivational exercise”. It was a wide-ranging programme that swept right through the business. Making sure everyone … from the top down and ground up … was aligned with their new and evocative vision, game-changing values and amazing day to day behaviours (that they had all helped create).

And the key ingredient? We looked at success from two angles:

  • What does it look and feel like for the business itself?
  • And what does it look and feel like for every individual?

The answers set the tone for our work together. We gave them the tools to manage their people and maintain their focus.

Result: sales up by 12% and profits by 20% in Year 1. Sales up by 16% and profits by 25% in Year 2.

We had soft metrics too, like Employee Engagement. The improvement was off the scale  –  and was the best in the global organisation of which they were part.

But for me and them, it’s numbers from the P&L and balance sheet that really counted.

If you feel the same way, get in touch and claim a free strategy session with us  – worth £1495.  

Let’s see what success looks and feels like … then look at new ways to deliver it.

Whatever you want to achieve, we’ve got the answers. 

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